The Energy Capital of the world.

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Rice University one of America's Best

Rice University, in Houston, Texas, is consistently ranked one of America’s best teaching and research universities
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Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the largest medical center in the world with one of the highest densities of clinical facilities for patient care, basic science, and transnational research.
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NASA Space Center

NASA’s JSC is the lead center for the International Space Station and the Orion spacecraft, and the home of the Mission Control Center and NASA astronaut corps.
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Rich in Culture

Many annual events celebrate the diverse cultures of Houston. The largest and longest running is the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo,
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ICEM is an International Mission working to educate the leaders of tomorrow and provide unparalleled opportunity to students worldwide. ICEM’s overseas program provides the opportunity for schools across the globe to partner with us to create American schools overseas. Our program provides an entirely English curriculum, American teachers, and High School diplomas from an accredited American School. ICEM also provides opportunities for study abroad in the United States.  Read more.


Studying abroad with ICEM can be an amazing opportunity for students to learn English, make new friends, and earn a diploma from an American High School. Students that study in the United States have the chance to socialize and learn in American classrooms allowing them full immersion into the English Language and American Culture. Read more.

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Students that study in the United States have the chance to socialize and learn in American classrooms allowing them full immersion into the English Language and American Culture.


Teaching abroad with ICEM can be an amazing opportunity to learn a new language and experience a new culture.


ICEM is always looking for compassionate and loving host families to support and provide an optimal learning environment for international students.


ICEM works with schools, agencies and individuals to set up camps year round. We welcome students and partnerships from all around the world to provide a special and fun experience for students here in the United States.


• Employment – International

International Christian Education Mission is involved in teacher training and teacher placement both in the USA and in other countries, primarily in China. The educational preparation and placement of teachers is a vital link to the development of the children of nations. The power of the Great Commission is refreshing to our process as we participate in God’s Desire to see the whole world experience the liberating truth that comes with excellent training. Please read this news article by Pat Gehret, Director of ICEM, highlighting God’s faithfulness in ICEM and CLCS starting schools in Kunming, China and GuangZhou, China during this past year. Our schools in China are growing at a rapid pace and we are continually looking for qualified teachers that love to teach, love Jesus Christ, and love the nations! Our teachers that sign a minimum one year contract are provided top notch training, an excellent salary, free round-trip airfare, housing, insurance, and paid vacation. Most importantly, ICEM’s greatest effort in sending teachers to teach in China is to ensure they are surrounded by an encouraging and supportive community both stateside and in China. Contact Patricia Gehret, ICEM’s Recruitment & Mobilization Coordinator, for more information about qualifications and job...

• China: A great nation with…”A future and a hope”

We have arrived at a pivotal time in history and our greatest hour could be before us.  The nations of the world can receive what we have been prepared to give and the study in the English language is our common denominator.  This becomes a power transfer of “truth” that will be a stabilizing force in the whole world. The country of China is one of the greatest fields before us.  The incredible excitement and opportunity presents to us an unbelievable “open door” for those who will step out to be a participator.  In return your own school will be enlarged and strengthened with purpose. This process was presented to me many years ago as I worked with schools in El Salvador. I observed the transforming power and leadership potential that can affect the world when we do what we were created to do.  The words from Psalms 2: 8, can became our marching orders.  “…Ask of me, and I will give to you the nations, as an inheritance for you…” is in reality a beautiful invitation to fulfill the destiny and purpose our schools should be trained to do. We have put these words to work across the world.  Could it be possible that our greatest historic opportunity for fulfilling The Great Commission is now in our hands? The wonderful expansive field of Asia is alive with potential and excitement.  Not only are the Asian students enrolling in our schools in large numbers, we are now working with some of the greatest Chinese educators to develop entire wings using our own curriculum  in the large high schools in...